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Citiasia Inc. through its strategic business line, namely Citiasia Center for Smart Nation (CCSN), has various services that focus on the progress of the nation with a digital society and smart city approach. CCSN assists city, district, and provincial governments as well as other government agencies in preparing planning documents that lead to smart cities.


IT Enterprise & Strategy Unit of Citiasia Consulting provides services to assist governments, non-government, and businesses to expand organization advancement. In general, our IT Enterprise & Strategy approach falls within 4 (four) stages: initiation, analysis, design, and implementation. A systematic Engagement and Analytical approach that results in a clear set of outcomes or recommendations enables organizations to Accelerate decisions whilst reducing Implementation Risk

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Citiasia Inc. has an idea to implement a software that can be called Blanjaloka. Blanjaloka is software that is engaged in e-commerce, the existence of Blanjaloka makes the emergence of another software that moves hand in hand to support its use, one of which is TokoBlanja, where this software focuses on the transaction process to consumers.


Platform in the form of a website to get respondents who can be used for research
isinya: CitiAsia, took the initiative to create a digital platform called SURVEY ASIA, where on the platform users will be very spoiled with its features, such as filling in relevant/honest data, better visual display of data and prices that fit in the pockets of students or small entrepreneurs, more from that survey Asia also provides business features in which there is an IT consultant who is expected to help with all the problems that exist within the company.

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