Types of Sectors to Provide Clients’ Need

  • 1

    Social & Policy

    Provides social and public policy research to help governments and non-government organizations to find out relevant insights for robust decision making

  • 2

    Energy & Environment

    Provides energy and environmental study to help governments, non-governments, and businesses to gather fact based findings as a basis for policy evaluation and decision making analysis.

  • 3

    Organization & Enterprise

    Provides research services for nongovernment organizations and businesses to seek evidence based insight aimed at improving decision making on enterprise performance.

  • 4

    Private Sector

    We provide programs with various topics for the private sector, such as brand & marketing, sales and distribution, service and loyalty, leadership and people development.

  • 5

    Public Sector

    We provide programs with various topics for the public sector such as regulatory impact analysis, development planning, city branding and marketing, public services, and smart city and ICT development.

  • 6

    Certification Program

    We provide various certification programs for individuals or groups to attain specific expertise in various fields. Some certification programs that, Certification Documentation & System Development, Company Quality Assurance, Company/ Organization Human Resources Competence Development.

  • 7

    IT Enterprise Solution

    Provides IT Enterprise Solution to help governments, non-governments, and businesses to optimize its business process.

  • 8

    IT Strategy Solution

    Provides IT Strategy Solution such as IT master plan, IT enterprise architecture, and IT blueprint to help governments, non-government, and businesses for diverse business models such as e-government, command center, e-learning, CRM, ERP, HCIS, etc.

  • 9

    Strategic Planning

    Provides Smart Region (City, Regency, Province) strategy and services from readiness assessment, smart city master plan and blueprint, smart branding, city (regional) design, etc.

  • 10

    Public Policy

    Provides public policy analysis and strategy such as policy academic paper, policy formulation, regional competitiveness analysis (City, Regency, Province), etc.

  • 11

    IT Service

    Provides integrated IT solutions and services such as application, IT support & maintenance, data center, cloud computing, etc.

  • 12

    System Improvement

    Provides system and business improvement services such as solution integrator, human capital management, IT audit & assessment, etc.

  • 13

    Performance Management

    Provides performance management services such as public relation, advertising, brand activation, etc.