Citiasia Institute Research Center

Citiasia Research Center (CRC) serves valued clients by providing research and analysis services as the basis for decision making, business optimization, monitoring and evaluation by employing baseline, midline, and endline methods.

Citiasia Institute Training Center

Citiasia Institute is business line of Citiasia that focuses on human resources development through training, workshop, seminar and various special skill-certification programs

Citiasia Consulting IT Enterprise & Strategy

The IT Enterprise & Strategy Unit of Citiasia Consulting provides services to assist governments, non-governments, and businesses to expand organization advancement. In general, our IT Enterprise & Strategy approach falls within 4 (four) stages: initiation, analysis, design, and implementation.

Citiasia Development Organizational Development

Citiasia Development provides organizational development services to help governments, non governments, and businesses to boost the performance of both internal and external context. Citiasia Development serves our clients in the areas of IT Services, System Improvement, and Performance Management.

Citiasia Development Regional Development

Citiasia Development provides regional development mentoring services to optimize a significant performance improvement. In practice, Citiasia, Inc. helps our clients in the areas of IT Services, Project Management, and Smart Branding.